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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update!

Nothing too exciting happened this weekend, just trained and relaxed. I am getting in good sessions on Saturdays now but Sundays are generally off days so I can recover for the next week. Fitch just took off to Thailand for a month so he will not be at the gym for a while. My main training partners for the next month will be Josh Koscheck, Josh Thomson, Bobby Southworth, Cain Velasquez, Pat Minihan, Paul Buentello, Davin Clark, Matt Major, Wayne Phillips, Nate James, Luke Rockhold and Ron Kesler. Jake Shields should be in quite a bit as well. I am just glad Kos and I will both be fighting on the same card again. Its always better to have a teammate fighting on the same card as you, especially one thats the same weight class. This Wednesday will start the 8 week crunch. I am well ahead of schedule so far!

Couple great movies out... First, I definately recommend "Body Of Lies". What an amazing movie! Very well made, I was glued to the screen the whole 2 hours. If your into the whole War/Spy/Action movie genre, GO SEE IT! The second movie I saw and liked as well was "Religulous". What a well-made documentary. One of the best edited documentaries I have ever seen. It also helps when you have such a talented, smart and quick-witted host as Bill Maher. This movie was right up his alley and I am sure he had as much fun making it as we did watching it.

Make sure you guys register and vote! This is such an important election and our future depends on who we pick as our next Commander and Chief. I am not telling you who to vote for but please do your research and vote smart! Everyone's vote does make a difference! I was doing the "Vote For Your Right Campaign" with UFC and a lot of people didn't think their votes mattered. (They would end up registering) To think back of how many people we got registered and how many are still registering, its definately going to make a difference!