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Monday, October 13, 2008

Kos Takes Fight, Bob Kicks My Ass!

What a day today for Koscheck. I have to say, one of his best training days we've seen. It could have been because Bob Cook approached him before training and told him that he has an opportunity to fight Thiago Alves on the 25th at UFC 90. Either way, Bob said "Lets see how training goes and see what you wanna do". We had him go 4 rounds with different opponents switching in on him every 2:30 and he smoked through. It's not easy when you are on the chopping block and having to fight two fresh opponents every 5 minute round, but Kos did it, and did it with explosive power and speed right through to the last second. After the rounds he got out and looked at Bob and said let's take that fight!

So now it's official, Josh Koscheck will face Thiago Alves on October 25th at UFC 90 in Chicago. We are all very happy this opportunity came up for him because he has been training for so long and has been wanting to fight. He was dreading having to wait untill December. Its a great matchup and I think it will prove that he deserves another crack at St. Pierre.

Though Bob had exciting news for Koscheck today, it wasn't so exciting for me. He put me through one of his hardest workouts yet! After an hour and a half of moderate technique work(Bag and Mits) Bob had me do a variation of the cardio routine that he is infamous for at the gym. 30 minutes straight with no breaks. 1 minute sprinting on the Airdyne Bike Machine at OVER 80 RPMs and then a minute with Bob all the way through the whole 30 minutes. My minutes with Bob consisted of situps where he holds me down, sprints with him holding back on me with a bungee harness, bag work, mit work, rope machine, and uppercut bag where he makes me do constant flying knees. I have to say its one of the most grueling things we do at AKA because it's so damn long and continuous. Not only does your body gets exhausted but your mind too. I'll give you an example.... In the first 5 minutes, your mind is like "Hell yea, bring it on Bob, I am gonna crush this today..." but when you hit the 20 minute mark and realize you have 10 more solid minutes, your minds usually along the lines of... "Ahh Shit!". Nonetheless, you push through and he always makes us finish strong. Finishing this workout strong takes strong mental fortitude and thats what you better have before you ever start this workout.

I gotta also give a big Congrats to my teammate Ron Kesler for his win this past weekend. He took a fight on 1 day notice, cut 15 pounds, and dominated the guy all three rounds. Again, thats the mental fortitude you see everyday with the guys I train with. Thats just how we are at AKA. I feel I have the greatest job in the world, the best co-workers I could ask for, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!