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Monday, October 27, 2008

Back To Training...

I arrived back to San Jose on Sunday night after a pretty intense weekend at the UFC in Chicago. It was great seeing the family and friends, the fights were good, but I obviously didn't like seeing Koscheck get beat. It just wasn't his night. Thiago definately has good standup and seems very strong and well conditioned. Koscheck definately showed how his standup has improved but was just not good enough to beat Thiago on this night.

I leave tomorrow for LA to tape the "Inside MMA" show on HDNet. It will be my first time doing the show and I am excited. Josh Thomson has done it a couple times and told me tonight that it was fun.

Today was back to the grinder. I sparred and grappled during fighter training, then Bob put me through his workout tonight. It was a full day and I am going to get caught up on some much needed rest now!