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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Draining My Elbow In Paris France...

In Paris I had to take matters into my own hands and play Doctor. We went to a pharmacy and bought some needles and I drained my elbow which was at an all time high as far as inflammation and pain since surgery. Of course, I filmed it to show all of you sick monkeys out there!

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Military Tour Updates!

Started this military tour on April 14th which began in Germany. We spent 2 days in Germany visiting bases and doing seminars. It was great seeing everyone again. I had previously visited Germany with the USO before my UFC 99 fight. A lot of the same servicemen were there and we had a blast.

I signed helmets and even babies!

Even found time to check out the arsenal....

We then drove to the Netherlands to visit the troops there. We spent this night in an old abandoned military hotel. It was crazy because we were the only people in this whole hotel. Not even hotel staff. It was kinda strange but entertainingly unique.

Here is our bus driver Mike. He is a cool dude! At a truck stop, I found this book and made him pose with it. How crazy close does he look to that guy on the book?!?!

Doing our seminar by a local base...

This kid took the shirts right off our backs!

This kid is only 15 years old! They grow them big in The Netherlands!

For dinner we drove from The Netherlands back to Germany to eat Chinese food... huh?

They even had Kangaroo at this place!

Got caught txting as usual...

On day 4 we arrived in Belgium to rest before flying to Kuwait but because of the Volcano ash all flights were on hold. We just spent the day sight seeing the local attractions.

Enjoying my first ever Belgium Beer.

Got caught txting again...

After seeing this guy, Kyle had to have a pose off!

For dinner, we ate on base where an alarm went off forcing everyone out of the restaurant. Kyle and I were apparently the first patrons ever to take our food out with us during these situations. We were hungry and had steak on our plate!

On day 5 we took off to Paris, France to visit the US Embassy. This will buy some time until the flights open and we can then finally get to Bahrain. Unfortunately, it looks like our trip to Kuwait is canceled.

Hopefully we will get down range soon! I am very much looking forward to the combat zone parts of the trip. The Eiffel tower is cool and all but I would much rather be eating my sandwich in front of the cross swords in Baghdad.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Video - Minotauro Nogueira Mistakes Dubai For Brazil

Nogueira cracked us up yet again on the beach in Dubai. This guy is like the Brazilian James Bond! Shot on the beach in front of the world famous Burj Al Arab, Dubai's 7 star super-hotel.

Back In Germany!

I arrived in Germany this morning after a long flight from the US. Germany is as nice as I remembered it from my last trip here. Upon arriving we went straight to the Army Barracks at Heidelberg. At 6pm we did a Q&A and took photos with the troops. Had a blast and will head to Spangdahlem Air Base tomorrow to visit the Airmen and do a MMA seminar.

Signing promo cards just isn't the same as signing a combat tested helmet. I love you guys for what you do!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First UAE Video Blog! Desert Adventure...

Here is the first of my UAE video blogs... In this one, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Ross Pearson join me for some desert fun outside of Abu Dhabi. Includes dune driving, playing with camels, and of course me hurting myself! Enjoy!

More UAE videos coming soon including.... "Driving Armed Patrol Boats In Terrorist Waters", "Nogueira Has Goggles?!?" and "Pants On The Sand, With My Hat Turned Sideways, Looking Like A Fool With My Pants On The Sand". Ok, I am just bullshitting about the last one but that would have been funny! LONG LIVE LARRY PLATT!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back Home And Straight To The Doctor!

I made it back from the UAE last night, where I enjoyed a great nights rest in my own bed. This morning I had to go straight to my Doctor to get my elbow drained. Apparently, falling off sand dune surf boards and doing seminars is not the best post surgery rehab. 

Here is a video so you all can see what I saw!

(If You Heard A Beeping Sound Half Way Through The Video... YOU WIN! CONGRATS!)

My Abu Dbahi Videos Will Be Posted Soon!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Abu Dhabi Blog Day 5

Today we went to the desert to drive the dunes and find camels. The first camel we found wasn't doing so good...

Then we found some camels that were still alive...

After I tried to sneak some food, an argument broke out and Big Nog and I had to square off against two hoofed opponents.

Big Nog passed his camel completely out! I had to wake up and comfort the drowsy even-toed ungulate. Thats right, go ahead and google it! 

My camel and I made up and became best friends.

After a long humid day, I accepted and invitation to relax... Of course the joke was on me because all those black dots I am sitting on turned out to be camel shit! When in Rome...

After the dunes and camel adventure we went to a local camp where I temporarily blended in with the locals. They eventually caught on after spotting me tweeting on my cell phone.  

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Abu Dhabi Blog Day 4

This morning I met up with Anderson Silva after his interviews and he seemed in great spirits as he always does. I am very excited for his and all the fights this Saturday. Its going to be a great card!

At noon, I left for the UFC venue location to do some filming for the UFC documentary. They have been following us for 3 days and are doing a huge documentary on the buildup of this show. I am assuming it will air on Spike TV about a month preceding the event.

Here is a very exclusive picture of the venue which is still in construction. They built this whole place in under 2 weeks and will tear it all down right after the event!

Since we look the part, we decided to do the YMCA exactly where the octagon will be constructed. Probably a UFC first...

Here is the current top secret location of the actual UFC octagon....

I am now about to go and get a workout then rest until we leave for Dubai at 5:30pm. There, we will shoot some videos for showtime at the Virgin Mega Store. I think the indoor ski resort is near, so hopefully I will get to visit it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Abu Dhabi Blog Day 3

We spent day 3 at the US Embassy with the Marines and staff. For security reasons we couldn't take photos or video but here are a couple they took....

On Day 3 we traveled to Dubai to do a Radio One interview. It was my first time in downtown Dubai and the architecture was amazing! This is truly one of the most unique cities in the world.

After the radio interview we got lost and ended up on the beach. Immediately upon getting out of the vehicle, Nogueira takes off his shirt and pulls swimming googles out of his pocket! This was baffling considering we had no plans to even go to a beach that day. Thats a true Brazilian right there! He said "I go to swim now" and took off for the water. We literally watched him swim laps in the ocean for almost an hour before he exited like a Brazilian James Bond.

After getting back to the hotel we had some time to relax which I spent in my room watching A-Team re-runs. We then met up to go to the world famous Abu Dhabi Combat Club. Well, Ross and I. We yet again lost Nogueira, which has happened 5 times in the last 2 days. He is a true ninja.

The Combat Club was the most amazing gym I have ever been to. Its truly a spectacle. We did an autograph signing and talked with the media for about 2 hours while watching the training.

Dogs are forbidden to wag their tails at this location! At least they can still walk around naked which is a severe crime for humans here. 2 foreigners were caught kissing in public a while back and spent over a month in jail. 2 others were found bumping uglies on the beach and they got an even longer sentence. They don't play around in the Middle East!