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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Inside MMA...

Just got back from Los Angeles where I taped an episode of HDNet's "Inside MMA" with hosts Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice. The guest panel included "Mask" from Tapout, the legend Randy Couture, and myself. It was a good show with lots of MMA updates so be sure to check it out on HDNet Friday, October 31st at 9:00 pm ET!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back To Training...

I arrived back to San Jose on Sunday night after a pretty intense weekend at the UFC in Chicago. It was great seeing the family and friends, the fights were good, but I obviously didn't like seeing Koscheck get beat. It just wasn't his night. Thiago definately has good standup and seems very strong and well conditioned. Koscheck definately showed how his standup has improved but was just not good enough to beat Thiago on this night.

I leave tomorrow for LA to tape the "Inside MMA" show on HDNet. It will be my first time doing the show and I am excited. Josh Thomson has done it a couple times and told me tonight that it was fun.

Today was back to the grinder. I sparred and grappled during fighter training, then Bob put me through his workout tonight. It was a full day and I am going to get caught up on some much needed rest now!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Steel Cage Comedy Night!

If you are in San Jose area on November 20th, be sure and come check out The Steel Cage Comedy Night at the San Jose Improv. They will be interviewing me on stage and asking some crazy questions. Kris Tinkle is the headliner and he is really funny! <--- I will delete this last line if he busts my balls too much!

Off To Chicago...

Had a good session at the gym today, we did a marathon roll. We basically did 10 rounds of straight no-gi jiu-jitsu. No gloves and no striking while grappling. Each round was 5 minutes just like our fights and we took a 1 minute break in between the rounds. We switch partners every round, so by the 10th round we have grappled with almost everyone. The session lasts an hour. Afterwards, we worked some drills.

This evening I did some cardio and now I gotta pack... I leave first thing tomorrow for Chicago for UFC 90. I am very excited to see this card!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet Wheetzie!

(Wheetzie, as I usually see him...)

Meet Huitzilin, or "Wheetzie" as we call him. Wheetzie is a fairly new addition to the AKA Fight Team, and a trainer I have spent a lot of time with in the past few months. His specialty is boxing and he has already made a lot of improvements to the team. He use to train Javier back when he was competing so after we lost our last striking coach, Javier brought him in to help out.

The cool thing about Wheetzie is that he is not only a good boxing coach, but also an Aztec Witch Doctor! So like after training, if you feel like you pulled something.... all you have to do is tell Wheetzie and he will take some deer urine and some kind of goat root, mix that with some mexican sun water and wild grass and blend it counter clockwise a certain number of times and... Bingo! It will heal you over night! Seriously though, I have boiled some plants of unknown classification and soaked my arm in it. He's legit!

(Wheetzie, using some Aztec Concoction.)

Training, Training, Training...

Just been training, sleeping, eating and then training some more. I did do a few interviews in the last few days so as soon as they are posted I will let you guys know. I will also be flying into LA on the 28th to do HDnets's "Inside MMA" TV Show, so I should have more info on that soon.

Koscheck and Bob leave tomorrow for Chicago. The bad news is that I won't have Bob the remainder of the week to put me through his grueling torture routine. The good news, however, is that I won't have Bob the remainder of the week to put me through his grueling torture routine! It's kind of like doing sprints with Javier Mendez(AKA Trainer)... It's one of the hardest things ever because he loves running me into the ground, BUT I always ask him to run me. It’s a sick thing, this fighter mentality... The harder it is, the more you want and think you need it.

Speaking of sprints, let me tell you how fun doing sprints with Javier is.... I arrive at the track early to warm up and get loose by jogging. I am usually quite scared during this jog because I know in a few short minutes I will be expected to have the running capacity of a damn cheetah. Pretty much on cue after a mile jog, Javier arrives to the track. He always has that same evil smirk on his face and asks me "How do you feel today?". This is a strange question because I am always tired due to the morning’s workout, but the answer doesn't matter to him. I use to think that if I was exhausted and worn out already before running, and told him, that I would have an easier run. That’s just not the case. He doesn't care. He is going to push me to my max every time. So I usually answer "I'm cherry" and we get started. So usually he has me start by running 2 880's. That’s 880 yards, or 2 laps on the quarter mile track. I know, right? Half a mile sprints are crazy huh? That’s what I thought too. Apparently not to him... So I have to run those in 2:30-2:45 each. That’s a little over a 5 minute/mile pace for half a mile. After that, he'll have me do 6-8 440's(that’s one lap). It all depends on how much I am gasping for air and cussing him. He has me do those in 1:15 or less. The downside is the break, he barely gives me one. In the first few days of sprints I might get close to a minute in between. After we continue regularly, the rest time drops. By fight time I am usually on 30 seconds or less. Sometimes, after 4 or 5 440's he will say something like... "If you run the next one in under 1:05, we will stop now". Of course I get excited at the possibility of running my last sprint of the day and wheeze around the loop and usually always fall in the 1:08-1:10 area. One time though, I had the eye of the tiger and whizzed a 1:02. He couldn't believe it and wondered if he started the timer right, meanwhile I was having a heart attack while laying flat on my back on the turf.

After the run Javier walks a few laps with me and we talk about gym stuff. I'll have to admit that post-sprints feel amazing! Nothing better than getting those over with! These sprints also improve my recovery a lot. I notice it when sparring. I will be tired after the round and by the time the 1 min break is over, I am ready to go again.

If you’re wondering why I usually run alone, as described above, it's because I don't wake up in morning. I can never go to sleep until 2am and since my first session doesn't start until noon, I sleep in till 11am. Some of the team, like Thomson, gets up at like 5am. Apparently, they are the guys who wake the roosters up. So Josh and others will run early, take a break, then come into noon training. Koscheck will sometimes run right after training. Like, literally. We will be unwrapping our hands and Kos will run by in fight shorts/shoes and head straight out the door. No one really knows where he goes... probably because we just continue to unwrap our hands and get dressed. Fitch ninja runs. That’s when you don't run at all but have the cardio capacity of someone who does. He does do cardio at 24 hour fitness like we all do though. Sprints are only done maybe 2 days a week, but we do cardio routines on the elliptical and treadmill almost every night. It all depends on if we did Bob's workout that day or not. I will also swim a couple times a week but that story is more boring than this one, so I'll spare you!

Ok so there you have it, our running routine. Hope you wanted it to begin with because if not, you wasted a lot of your precious life away reading to this point for nothing.

And for those of you who know me really well.... yes I am also playing online poker while typing this.... Losing too! I'm going to bed!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures From Ft. Bragg

Since I am fighting at Ft. Bragg for UFC Fight For The Troops on December 10th, I thought I would post some pics from when I was there last year. It was an amazing trip filled with good training, high explosives, and plenty of gun shooting.

(When we first arrived. It was Mark Gross, Bob Cook, Matt Major, Josh Koscheck and I.)

(Getting briefed on what to expect at the "Killhouse" demonstration.)

(Standing on top of the "Killhouse" while they blow off the doors, then charge in shooting the mock terrorist. Very loud and intense! I liked it!)

(Posing with the really bad ass dudes who did the "Killhouse" demonstration.)

(Doing some shooting in their new start-of-the-art "Killhouse". We shot real handguns but at laser targets. Kinda cool how that worked.)

(Posing with the soldiers that we competed against in the "Killhouse". Kos and I actually did pretty good. Both Kos and I are also recreational shooters who do shoot often. We didn't tell them that part, but it didn't matter... They totally kicked our ass! Now, there is a laser produced woman hostage running around somewhere with a missing ear thanks to my shooting!)

(Here they tried to teach us how to properly free fall. Matt Major starting swimming like he was in the ocean and accidentally kicked a shoe off, which flew around the chamber almost hitting me in the face.)

(After a long day, we met up with the Army combatives guys and did a seminar for them.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wedding Pictures Coming Very Soon!

So everyone has been asking about the wedding pictures and they will be posted right here, on this blog, very soon! Apparently this was a longer process than I initially thought. The photographers we hired took almost 1000 photographs so you can imagine how long it takes to get everything processed. The wedding was amazing though! More than I could have ever dreamed possible. The photos captured just how amazing so as soon as I get them, I'll post them!
Here are a couple pictures our friends took...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok guys, YES I do play video games sometimes, and YES I am on XBOX LIVE. My nickname on there is... da da da dum.... SWICKILLA. I know, I know, so cliché! Its a long story... So anyway, I do play XBOX LIVE sometimes at night after training with some guys from the gym. Dave Camarillo is one of them and he is like a damn video game ninja, so he kills me over and over. Unfortunately for me, they talked me into getting the wireless headset so now I have to listen to them taunt me as they are destroying me nightly. We usually play around 10pm west coast time. Its great therapy to get my mind off the long training day and it relaxes me. I hear its good for the Hand-Eye Coordination, so I guess I got that going for me too. Currently, I am playing Battlefield: Bad Company, but awaiting the new Call of Duty. We will sometimes play the latest Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty 4 as well.

Ok, so the reason I am writing this blog and giving my screename away is because I need to recruit a team of extremly gangster ninjas. I need to add a couple of you up that are just straight nasty. That way I have a fighting chance when I go up against the Camarillo Jiu-Jitsu Gorilla's. They are like Cobra Kai and I am like Ralph Macchio. I need me some Miyagi's!

So send me a friend request ONLY if you truly are the ONE! You gotta back it up with like some kind of stats or something. At least have a mean quote that sounds intimidating!

8 Weeks Till The Fight...

So today was the last workout before I hit the 8 week point. Tomorrow will be exactly 8 weeks untill fight night. Hitting the 8 week point isn't really changing how I have been training, but I had a goal. My goal was to be in good shape by the 8 week mark, so that I will be on track to be in the best shape of my career by December 10th. Well, I had a great day today that ended with a solid 4 mile run in great time. I would say I accomplished my goal. I plan to really focus on my technique over the next 8 weeks and spend a lot of time at the gym. I want to be vastly improved, even since the Davis fight. Jonathan Goulet is a well rounded fighter and I want to make sure I can cover him in every area of the fight and dominate there. I guess I can't get any more detailed about what I am technically working on but its not Wing Chung! Though I did do a little Drunken Monkey the weekend before last, but that was just therapy for a hard week of training! Sometimes a session of drunken monkey brings on a very long, well needed night of rest, and it did! Now, I am through with drunken monkey! Well at least until after the fight!

I am still excited about Koscheck getting the Thiago fight! I am booked and ready to go! Bringing Mary, my friend David, and even the parents to this one. Can't wait!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kos Takes Fight, Bob Kicks My Ass!

What a day today for Koscheck. I have to say, one of his best training days we've seen. It could have been because Bob Cook approached him before training and told him that he has an opportunity to fight Thiago Alves on the 25th at UFC 90. Either way, Bob said "Lets see how training goes and see what you wanna do". We had him go 4 rounds with different opponents switching in on him every 2:30 and he smoked through. It's not easy when you are on the chopping block and having to fight two fresh opponents every 5 minute round, but Kos did it, and did it with explosive power and speed right through to the last second. After the rounds he got out and looked at Bob and said let's take that fight!

So now it's official, Josh Koscheck will face Thiago Alves on October 25th at UFC 90 in Chicago. We are all very happy this opportunity came up for him because he has been training for so long and has been wanting to fight. He was dreading having to wait untill December. Its a great matchup and I think it will prove that he deserves another crack at St. Pierre.

Though Bob had exciting news for Koscheck today, it wasn't so exciting for me. He put me through one of his hardest workouts yet! After an hour and a half of moderate technique work(Bag and Mits) Bob had me do a variation of the cardio routine that he is infamous for at the gym. 30 minutes straight with no breaks. 1 minute sprinting on the Airdyne Bike Machine at OVER 80 RPMs and then a minute with Bob all the way through the whole 30 minutes. My minutes with Bob consisted of situps where he holds me down, sprints with him holding back on me with a bungee harness, bag work, mit work, rope machine, and uppercut bag where he makes me do constant flying knees. I have to say its one of the most grueling things we do at AKA because it's so damn long and continuous. Not only does your body gets exhausted but your mind too. I'll give you an example.... In the first 5 minutes, your mind is like "Hell yea, bring it on Bob, I am gonna crush this today..." but when you hit the 20 minute mark and realize you have 10 more solid minutes, your minds usually along the lines of... "Ahh Shit!". Nonetheless, you push through and he always makes us finish strong. Finishing this workout strong takes strong mental fortitude and thats what you better have before you ever start this workout.

I gotta also give a big Congrats to my teammate Ron Kesler for his win this past weekend. He took a fight on 1 day notice, cut 15 pounds, and dominated the guy all three rounds. Again, thats the mental fortitude you see everyday with the guys I train with. Thats just how we are at AKA. I feel I have the greatest job in the world, the best co-workers I could ask for, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update!

Nothing too exciting happened this weekend, just trained and relaxed. I am getting in good sessions on Saturdays now but Sundays are generally off days so I can recover for the next week. Fitch just took off to Thailand for a month so he will not be at the gym for a while. My main training partners for the next month will be Josh Koscheck, Josh Thomson, Bobby Southworth, Cain Velasquez, Pat Minihan, Paul Buentello, Davin Clark, Matt Major, Wayne Phillips, Nate James, Luke Rockhold and Ron Kesler. Jake Shields should be in quite a bit as well. I am just glad Kos and I will both be fighting on the same card again. Its always better to have a teammate fighting on the same card as you, especially one thats the same weight class. This Wednesday will start the 8 week crunch. I am well ahead of schedule so far!

Couple great movies out... First, I definately recommend "Body Of Lies". What an amazing movie! Very well made, I was glued to the screen the whole 2 hours. If your into the whole War/Spy/Action movie genre, GO SEE IT! The second movie I saw and liked as well was "Religulous". What a well-made documentary. One of the best edited documentaries I have ever seen. It also helps when you have such a talented, smart and quick-witted host as Bill Maher. This movie was right up his alley and I am sure he had as much fun making it as we did watching it.

Make sure you guys register and vote! This is such an important election and our future depends on who we pick as our next Commander and Chief. I am not telling you who to vote for but please do your research and vote smart! Everyone's vote does make a difference! I was doing the "Vote For Your Right Campaign" with UFC and a lot of people didn't think their votes mattered. (They would end up registering) To think back of how many people we got registered and how many are still registering, its definately going to make a difference!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Post Here With All The Updates!

This is my first blog here on the new site and I am excited to start blogging. It is so great to see how far this sport has come, with TV shows and Magazines everywhere you look. It's also great to see the fan base explode like it has. You guys are the best fans and I appreciate you!

I guess first and foremost, I just got married! That's pretty exciting! Took me long enough I guess! ;) Mary and I got married in Lake Tahoe and it was amazing. I opted out of my honeymoon though to head back to San Jose to start fight camp for my upcoming fight. The honeymoon will have to wait until after!

My next fight will be Ultimate Fight Night at Fort Bragg on December 10th. It will air live on Spike TV and will be a part of a 3 hour fundraiser for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. I am so happy to be a part of this card. Not only because I support and love our troops, but also because I actually spent time at Fort Bragg with the soldiers. Last year I did a seminar with their MMA Combatives guys and they gave us a demonstration of their own. Their demonstration literally blew me away! We had the privilege to stand on top of a "Kill House" as they blew its doors off and entered while shooting up the mock terrorist. It was a very powerful experience that I will not soon forget. There are photos still posted in my blog on my MySpace page from this trip.

So anyway, to be able to go back and now fight on the base in a UFC is very exciting. My opponent will be Jonathan Goulet. If you remember, we were supposed to fight back at UFC Fight Night 11 but I had to pull out for a separated rib injury. I am very excited about this fight and am expecting fireworks. I am healthy and training hard as ever.

As I stated above, this fight is part of a fundraiser for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund which is a great program designed to help allocate money to injured and disabled veterans as well as the families of deceased veterans. If you would like more info on this fundraiser you can check out their website at:

We also recently launched a YouTube page that will be loaded with videos in the coming days/weeks. My new video blog is now posted explaining details of my next fight along with a couple technique videos and a lot of videos of me traveling around with friends. We plan to post interviews, behind the scenes footage at fights, travels, and a lot of training videos including cardio and workout routines that we do at The American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA. So be sure to subscribe!

Here Is My First Video Blog From My YouTube Page...

I will try and keep you guys as updated as possible!