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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet Wheetzie!

(Wheetzie, as I usually see him...)

Meet Huitzilin, or "Wheetzie" as we call him. Wheetzie is a fairly new addition to the AKA Fight Team, and a trainer I have spent a lot of time with in the past few months. His specialty is boxing and he has already made a lot of improvements to the team. He use to train Javier back when he was competing so after we lost our last striking coach, Javier brought him in to help out.

The cool thing about Wheetzie is that he is not only a good boxing coach, but also an Aztec Witch Doctor! So like after training, if you feel like you pulled something.... all you have to do is tell Wheetzie and he will take some deer urine and some kind of goat root, mix that with some mexican sun water and wild grass and blend it counter clockwise a certain number of times and... Bingo! It will heal you over night! Seriously though, I have boiled some plants of unknown classification and soaked my arm in it. He's legit!

(Wheetzie, using some Aztec Concoction.)