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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures From Ft. Bragg

Since I am fighting at Ft. Bragg for UFC Fight For The Troops on December 10th, I thought I would post some pics from when I was there last year. It was an amazing trip filled with good training, high explosives, and plenty of gun shooting.

(When we first arrived. It was Mark Gross, Bob Cook, Matt Major, Josh Koscheck and I.)

(Getting briefed on what to expect at the "Killhouse" demonstration.)

(Standing on top of the "Killhouse" while they blow off the doors, then charge in shooting the mock terrorist. Very loud and intense! I liked it!)

(Posing with the really bad ass dudes who did the "Killhouse" demonstration.)

(Doing some shooting in their new start-of-the-art "Killhouse". We shot real handguns but at laser targets. Kinda cool how that worked.)

(Posing with the soldiers that we competed against in the "Killhouse". Kos and I actually did pretty good. Both Kos and I are also recreational shooters who do shoot often. We didn't tell them that part, but it didn't matter... They totally kicked our ass! Now, there is a laser produced woman hostage running around somewhere with a missing ear thanks to my shooting!)

(Here they tried to teach us how to properly free fall. Matt Major starting swimming like he was in the ocean and accidentally kicked a shoe off, which flew around the chamber almost hitting me in the face.)

(After a long day, we met up with the Army combatives guys and did a seminar for them.)