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Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update!

Thanks for the feedback guys! I am glad everyone likes the site! We can all thank Booeep for that!

Until Booeep took over, I never really knew my websites statistics. Well, in depth anyway... We now have a complete analytics program and the weekend stats were really cool! We had a great "Re-Launch" weekend with people clicking onto the site from 31 different countries! Among the list were a few surprises... Latvia, Egypt, Cyprus, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ecuador were definitely countries I didn't expect to see! So whoever you guys are... thanks for tuning in and send me some photos!

For those of you that have bought the new Swick-Fu shirts and want to be featured on the site, send us your pics! ( We will be updating the Swick-Fu fan gallery in a couple weeks with the newer pics that are coming in. As you will soon see, there are some ninjas serving in Iraq!

If you haven't done so already, Make Sure You Enlist to get updates on appearances, promotions, opportunities, poker tournaments, store sales, lowering your mortgage rates, where to buy cheap gas, Obama's stimulus plan, etc... Ok, so maybe not the last 3 but you never know what you might find out! It's easy to enlist, just go to the top right side of the site and click the big red "Enlist Now" button. IT'S FREE!

The teaser for the new episode of Real Quick should be up at tomorrow. I think we are going to go live with the episode on April 6th. The episode came out really good; I went to THQ headquarters in Los Angeles to live out a life-long dream.... To play myself on a video game. You will see the first time I played myself on UFC 2009 Undisputed. I looked just like me! Crazy! To show my appreciation to THQ, I also took odd jobs around their office for a day. I answered phones at the front desk and cooked food in the THQ cafeteria. I also interviewed the President of THQ as well as the Japanese development team live via satellite video conference from Japan. I'll let everyone know when the episode is posted...

Thanks Everyone!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Website And New Highlight Video Now Live!

Check Out My New Webpage!

(Click On The Image To Visit The New Site)

The new website is finally up! Over 1000 photos, videos, and articles! Sorry it took so long but this was quite the site to put together. We have worked feverishly for a month getting everything together and posted!

The site also features my brand new highlight video. TSM did an amazing job putting together one of the most professional highlight reels I have seen. For more of their work visit!

We also have the new Swick-Fu shirts availble in the store as well as new 8x10 signed promo cards. You will see more of the Swick-Fu shirts in the new edition of "Real Quick" when it goes live in a week or so.

Check out the site and be sure to register and leave a message in the message center!

Thanks for all the feedback and support!

New Website About To Launch!

The new website should be launching today, if everything goes as planned! The site is loaded with over 1000 pictures and videos. Sections will cover Travels, Fights, Poker, Photos, Videos, A Message Center, The Store and we will be bringing back Swick-Fu Worldwide!

Stay tuned and keep checking back, I will post here as soon as we flip the switch!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tribute To Charles "Mask" Lewis...

I wrote this a while back and was saving it to put on the new website when it launched but its taking so long, I want to go ahead and post it....

On March 9th 2009, the MMA community lost one of its most outgoing, genuine, and memorable personalities. Charles “MASK” Lewis was an Ambassador for MMA and led the most famous crew in the sport, Tapout. I can’t remember being at an MMA show that he was not at. Not only was he at every show, but he was always smiling and always amped up with life.

His nickname for me was “Sergeant Swick” , because he thought I looked like a GI Joe, and he would say it each and every time he saw me. “SEEERRRRGGGEEEAAANNT SWIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!” would be heard from across the venue and when my eyes would find him, he would always be smiling… or sticking his tongue out… or roaring like a Lion…

Charles always made me feel welcome and included even though he knew I was a Sprawl sponsored fighter. I remember him giving me free shirts and caps even though he knew I was with Sprawl. He said he understood and that if I ever wanted to come over to the dark side to call him.

I never got around to going over to the dark side but I did talk to Charles on the phone numerous times which was as interesting as hanging out with him in person. He would yell into the phone with such enthusiasm no matter what the conversation was about. And he never, EVER, let me say goodbye. As the conversation started to dwindle down, you would just hear “OOOOOOOOUT!” and that was it. He was gone.

The last time I got to hang out with Charles was when we did the HDNet show “Inside MMA” together in Los Angeles in October of last year. It was the longest I probably have ever got to talk to him one on one in person. It’s hard to imagine that I will not see him at the shows anymore. He will be heavily missed…

You made it man, you really made it. Rest in peace buddy…

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Real Quick With Mike Swick Is Back!

Thats right, I am finally filming another edition of Real Quick. I will head out to Los Angeles first thing tomorrow morning to invade the THQ headquarters and get my opinion of the new UFC video game. I will try and take some pictures and will of course let you know when the video is up!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back From Texas (Photos)

(Swick-Fu Ninjas!)

I arrived back from Texas last night. The seminar went great! It was really cool hosting a seminar at the first gym I trained in MMA, over 12 years ago!

After the seminar I got to spend some much needed time at our Ranch with my family. It was great to just relax out in the country and get away from it all. My Mom, knowing my fight is still 3 months away, kept the table covered with good homestyle cooking. I also got to reunite with one of my secret indulgences, Blue Bell Ice Cream. I have to say that Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream is absolutely the best ice cream in the world. The only downside, or maybe upside, is that it does not distribute to California. Luckily they at least ship, so I do get some after fights.

(At The Ranch...)

(Playing Rock Band With My Mom)

(Teaching The Seminar At Bushi-Ban)

For the rest of the photos from the seminar, please check the photos section at! The all new site will launch on the 20th! Well, hopefully!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fighting June 13th In Germany!

Well, its not 100% official yet but I did sign the contract to fight Ben Saunders on June 13th in Germany at UFC 99. After almost getting the Alves fight, I have been really curious who the UFC was going to ask me to fight next. Well, Saunders was their choice and I obviously accepted. I have been training hard and predict I'll be in the best shape of my life for this fight.

The new website is coming together great and we plan to have it up on or before March 20th. So stay tuned for updates!

My next appearance is scheduled for March 14th in Pasendena Texas at Bushi Ban. I am holding a 3 hour seminar which will start at 10am. I hope to see you there!

For more info on the seminar, please call Bushi Ban at 281-479-7979.

Bushi Ban World Headquarters
7770 Spencer Highway
Pasadena, Texas 77505

Friday, March 6, 2009


We will be launching a brand new MIKESWICK.COM very soon! Stayed tuned for updates, its going to be a huge site! Over 1000 photos and videos, as well as an integrated blog. I think we will launch at the end of next week but I would say by the 20th to be safe.

Seminar In Pasadena Texas March 14th!

I will be hosting a seminar at Bushi-Ban World Headquarters on Saturday, March 14th in Pasadena, Tx. Bushi-Ban is where I started training in MMA in 1996!

The Seminar will start at 10am and go untill 1pm. I will cover all aspects of MMA as well as answer questions.

For more info including pricing, please call (281)479-7979.

7770 Spencer Highway
Pasadena, TX 77505

Congrats Reggie(170MMACHAMP)!

Congrats Reggie(170MMACHAMP)!

Reggie, screen name 170MMACHAMP, was the last man standing in my online poker tournament last night after 4 hours of play. I will let everyone know when the next one is but it will only be available to affiliates and contacts of mine. If your not on my list yet, either sign up with the "swick" code or keep checking back here!