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Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update!

Thanks for the feedback guys! I am glad everyone likes the site! We can all thank Booeep for that!

Until Booeep took over, I never really knew my websites statistics. Well, in depth anyway... We now have a complete analytics program and the weekend stats were really cool! We had a great "Re-Launch" weekend with people clicking onto the site from 31 different countries! Among the list were a few surprises... Latvia, Egypt, Cyprus, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ecuador were definitely countries I didn't expect to see! So whoever you guys are... thanks for tuning in and send me some photos!

For those of you that have bought the new Swick-Fu shirts and want to be featured on the site, send us your pics! ( We will be updating the Swick-Fu fan gallery in a couple weeks with the newer pics that are coming in. As you will soon see, there are some ninjas serving in Iraq!

If you haven't done so already, Make Sure You Enlist to get updates on appearances, promotions, opportunities, poker tournaments, store sales, lowering your mortgage rates, where to buy cheap gas, Obama's stimulus plan, etc... Ok, so maybe not the last 3 but you never know what you might find out! It's easy to enlist, just go to the top right side of the site and click the big red "Enlist Now" button. IT'S FREE!

The teaser for the new episode of Real Quick should be up at tomorrow. I think we are going to go live with the episode on April 6th. The episode came out really good; I went to THQ headquarters in Los Angeles to live out a life-long dream.... To play myself on a video game. You will see the first time I played myself on UFC 2009 Undisputed. I looked just like me! Crazy! To show my appreciation to THQ, I also took odd jobs around their office for a day. I answered phones at the front desk and cooked food in the THQ cafeteria. I also interviewed the President of THQ as well as the Japanese development team live via satellite video conference from Japan. I'll let everyone know when the episode is posted...

Thanks Everyone!