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Friday, February 27, 2009

Join My Online Poker Tournament!

(Photo By: Jason Foy)

Join me for some online poker! I will be hosting an online poker tournament at Full Tilt this Wednesday at 10pm Pacific time. 1am Thursday morning Eastern (Full Tilt Time).

This is a public tournament so everyone is free to join. I do hold tournaments just for my affiliates, so if you are already on Full Tilt and want to get on my affiliate list, send us your email at

To sign up with Full Tilt and join my affiliate list and team:

- Visit
- Click The Green Graphic On The Left That Says
(100% Deposit Bonus Up to $600, Click Here)
- When Asked, Use Bonus Code "swick"

This Bonus code(swick) will not only put you on my Affiliate list, but will also grant your 100% signup bonus.(Up To $600) So basically, if you first deposit $100 dollars... Full Tilt will add another $100. Your bonus money gets unlocked as you play.

To find my tournament once logged onto Full Tilt Poker:

- Click The "Requests" Tab
- Click "Find Tournament By ID..."
- Type Tournament Number "81675310"

It will pull it up.... Then Just Register!

This tournament is called "Mike Swick's Late Night KO".

Buyin: $22.00
Game: No Limit Texas Holdem
Type: Knockout Tournament
(You receive a $4 bounty every time you knockout another player.)

When my new website launches, I am going to start hosting special affiliate tournaments with extra prizes and added cash.

There will also be some poker Pros in this tournament and probably Bruce Buffer as well.


Good Luck Guys And I'll See You There!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hawaii Photos...

My Hawaiian adventure is now over but the photos and memories remain!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aloha From Hawaii!

You never know where I will end up next! I don't even know where I will end up next! Anyway at this time I am currently in Hawaii and it is beautiful here! I am with Mary, along with a couple friends(Creig and Kara), and we have filled our last couple days with zip-lining, ATV Adventures, and plenty of sun! 

I will be posting all the photos as soon as I can...

I will be back in San Jose on Monday and I'm set to leave for Russia on Wednesday to corner for Mike Kyle as he fights in the M-1 show in St. Petersburg. I will post more details of upcoming appearances, seminars, and travels soon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cool Things Coming...

Sorry its been a few days but nothing too exciting has happened. I have been in training and helping get Koscheck ready for his upcoming fight in England.

As for the injury rumors... Yes I am injured and have been for a while. I broke a bone in my foot about a month before the Goulet fight. I obviously stopped kicking but continued training through it thus not letting it heal up properly. I am still training but padding it up more to let it heal. Its doing real good and getting much better. I will find out soon when and where I will be fighting next and I'll post it here.

Lots of new things coming up...

I will launch a brand new website soon, we are in the process of creating that now. I will have an incredible number of photos and videos on it. I am also installing a brand new store on the website that will have fighter shirts as well as signed promo cards. That should be up within the next 2 weeks. I am also starting a clothing and accessory brand which will also launch in the near future.

On Sunday I am doing a photoshoot with Jason Foy to get content for the new site and company. I will post some photos here after the shoot. You can see his work at

I will also be posting info on some upcoming seminars. In the next few months I will do seminars in Texas, Florida and Canada. The next seminar will be in Deer Park, Texas at Bushi-Ban( That is the martial arts academy where I discovered MMA, many years ago. That seminar will be at 10am on Saturday March 14th. I'll post more seminar info soon!

On February 26th, we will go skydiving with the Army's Golden Knights ( We will take photos and videos and be posting that here as well....

And lastly, I am trying to schedule a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan in the next couple months. This is something I am extremely passionate about doing so hopefully we will get it scheduled soon...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Update (UFC 94 Las Vegas)

Sorry its been this long getting my weekend update posted, I have been swamped! We left Thursday for Vegas and spent all weekend there for UFC 94. I had a great time but was sad that my friend and teammate Christian Wellisch lost a split decision. We had 2 guys from our team fight, Fitch and Christian. Christian came up a little short in a 3 round split decision loss to Jake O'Brian and Fitch absolutely dominated Akihiro Gono. To make things more interesting, Gono came out in a dress and danced in drag all the way to the octagon. I asked Fitch what he thought looking down at the teleprompter before the fight and seeing that and he said he had to look away to avoid laughing. He said the funniest part was watching Gono's corner guys coach him in between the rounds while still wearing their dresses under the fight t-shirt. Crazy indeed!

Here are the weekend pictures...

(Hanging Out With Some Cool Fight Fans At The MGM Grand.)

(Self-Photo At The UFC With Mary.)

(Talking With David "The Crow" Loiseau Before The GSP-Penn Fight. Been A While Since We Were Stairing Across The Octagon At One Another At UFC 63. He Is A Really Cool Guy, I'm A Big Fan.)

(Fitch's Intimidating Opponent!)

(Fitch Ready For War!)

(Right After Fitch Walked Out Of The Octagon With His 9th UFC Win.)

(Post-Fight Dinner At Fiamma. Great Food!)

(Anthony Kiedis, Lead Singer Of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Even Stopped By our Table To Say Hi. He's A UFC Fan And Has Been To Our Gym In San Jose To Visit As Well.)

Lots of cool things coming up so I will keep this updated as often as I can!