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Friday, February 27, 2009

Join My Online Poker Tournament!

(Photo By: Jason Foy)

Join me for some online poker! I will be hosting an online poker tournament at Full Tilt this Wednesday at 10pm Pacific time. 1am Thursday morning Eastern (Full Tilt Time).

This is a public tournament so everyone is free to join. I do hold tournaments just for my affiliates, so if you are already on Full Tilt and want to get on my affiliate list, send us your email at

To sign up with Full Tilt and join my affiliate list and team:

- Visit
- Click The Green Graphic On The Left That Says
(100% Deposit Bonus Up to $600, Click Here)
- When Asked, Use Bonus Code "swick"

This Bonus code(swick) will not only put you on my Affiliate list, but will also grant your 100% signup bonus.(Up To $600) So basically, if you first deposit $100 dollars... Full Tilt will add another $100. Your bonus money gets unlocked as you play.

To find my tournament once logged onto Full Tilt Poker:

- Click The "Requests" Tab
- Click "Find Tournament By ID..."
- Type Tournament Number "81675310"

It will pull it up.... Then Just Register!

This tournament is called "Mike Swick's Late Night KO".

Buyin: $22.00
Game: No Limit Texas Holdem
Type: Knockout Tournament
(You receive a $4 bounty every time you knockout another player.)

When my new website launches, I am going to start hosting special affiliate tournaments with extra prizes and added cash.

There will also be some poker Pros in this tournament and probably Bruce Buffer as well.


Good Luck Guys And I'll See You There!