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Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Post Here With All The Updates!

This is my first blog here on the new site and I am excited to start blogging. It is so great to see how far this sport has come, with TV shows and Magazines everywhere you look. It's also great to see the fan base explode like it has. You guys are the best fans and I appreciate you!

I guess first and foremost, I just got married! That's pretty exciting! Took me long enough I guess! ;) Mary and I got married in Lake Tahoe and it was amazing. I opted out of my honeymoon though to head back to San Jose to start fight camp for my upcoming fight. The honeymoon will have to wait until after!

My next fight will be Ultimate Fight Night at Fort Bragg on December 10th. It will air live on Spike TV and will be a part of a 3 hour fundraiser for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. I am so happy to be a part of this card. Not only because I support and love our troops, but also because I actually spent time at Fort Bragg with the soldiers. Last year I did a seminar with their MMA Combatives guys and they gave us a demonstration of their own. Their demonstration literally blew me away! We had the privilege to stand on top of a "Kill House" as they blew its doors off and entered while shooting up the mock terrorist. It was a very powerful experience that I will not soon forget. There are photos still posted in my blog on my MySpace page from this trip.

So anyway, to be able to go back and now fight on the base in a UFC is very exciting. My opponent will be Jonathan Goulet. If you remember, we were supposed to fight back at UFC Fight Night 11 but I had to pull out for a separated rib injury. I am very excited about this fight and am expecting fireworks. I am healthy and training hard as ever.

As I stated above, this fight is part of a fundraiser for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund which is a great program designed to help allocate money to injured and disabled veterans as well as the families of deceased veterans. If you would like more info on this fundraiser you can check out their website at:

We also recently launched a YouTube page that will be loaded with videos in the coming days/weeks. My new video blog is now posted explaining details of my next fight along with a couple technique videos and a lot of videos of me traveling around with friends. We plan to post interviews, behind the scenes footage at fights, travels, and a lot of training videos including cardio and workout routines that we do at The American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA. So be sure to subscribe!

Here Is My First Video Blog From My YouTube Page...

I will try and keep you guys as updated as possible!