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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Abu Dhabi Blog Day 4

This morning I met up with Anderson Silva after his interviews and he seemed in great spirits as he always does. I am very excited for his and all the fights this Saturday. Its going to be a great card!

At noon, I left for the UFC venue location to do some filming for the UFC documentary. They have been following us for 3 days and are doing a huge documentary on the buildup of this show. I am assuming it will air on Spike TV about a month preceding the event.

Here is a very exclusive picture of the venue which is still in construction. They built this whole place in under 2 weeks and will tear it all down right after the event!

Since we look the part, we decided to do the YMCA exactly where the octagon will be constructed. Probably a UFC first...

Here is the current top secret location of the actual UFC octagon....

I am now about to go and get a workout then rest until we leave for Dubai at 5:30pm. There, we will shoot some videos for showtime at the Virgin Mega Store. I think the indoor ski resort is near, so hopefully I will get to visit it.