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Friday, April 9, 2010

Abu Dhabi Blog Day 5

Today we went to the desert to drive the dunes and find camels. The first camel we found wasn't doing so good...

Then we found some camels that were still alive...

After I tried to sneak some food, an argument broke out and Big Nog and I had to square off against two hoofed opponents.

Big Nog passed his camel completely out! I had to wake up and comfort the drowsy even-toed ungulate. Thats right, go ahead and google it! 

My camel and I made up and became best friends.

After a long humid day, I accepted and invitation to relax... Of course the joke was on me because all those black dots I am sitting on turned out to be camel shit! When in Rome...

After the dunes and camel adventure we went to a local camp where I temporarily blended in with the locals. They eventually caught on after spotting me tweeting on my cell phone.