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Monday, April 19, 2010

New Military Tour Updates!

Started this military tour on April 14th which began in Germany. We spent 2 days in Germany visiting bases and doing seminars. It was great seeing everyone again. I had previously visited Germany with the USO before my UFC 99 fight. A lot of the same servicemen were there and we had a blast.

I signed helmets and even babies!

Even found time to check out the arsenal....

We then drove to the Netherlands to visit the troops there. We spent this night in an old abandoned military hotel. It was crazy because we were the only people in this whole hotel. Not even hotel staff. It was kinda strange but entertainingly unique.

Here is our bus driver Mike. He is a cool dude! At a truck stop, I found this book and made him pose with it. How crazy close does he look to that guy on the book?!?!

Doing our seminar by a local base...

This kid took the shirts right off our backs!

This kid is only 15 years old! They grow them big in The Netherlands!

For dinner we drove from The Netherlands back to Germany to eat Chinese food... huh?

They even had Kangaroo at this place!

Got caught txting as usual...

On day 4 we arrived in Belgium to rest before flying to Kuwait but because of the Volcano ash all flights were on hold. We just spent the day sight seeing the local attractions.

Enjoying my first ever Belgium Beer.

Got caught txting again...

After seeing this guy, Kyle had to have a pose off!

For dinner, we ate on base where an alarm went off forcing everyone out of the restaurant. Kyle and I were apparently the first patrons ever to take our food out with us during these situations. We were hungry and had steak on our plate!

On day 5 we took off to Paris, France to visit the US Embassy. This will buy some time until the flights open and we can then finally get to Bahrain. Unfortunately, it looks like our trip to Kuwait is canceled.

Hopefully we will get down range soon! I am very much looking forward to the combat zone parts of the trip. The Eiffel tower is cool and all but I would much rather be eating my sandwich in front of the cross swords in Baghdad.