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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Hard Day...

Well, today was officially my last hard day of training! Only a week till the fight, so now its just technique, cardio, rest and recovery. It is a good feeling when this point in the camp arrives, especially when you know you have put in the best fight camp yet. Its good to be finally finished with the grueling training days, its good knowing the kind of shape you are in, its good knowing that in less than a week you will be back in the ring, and finally its good knowing that the gloves and shin pads are coming off! Its about to be for real and no holding back! I can't wait!

We will leave for North Carolina on Saturday. I can't even describe in words how excited I am to be healthy and fighting again in a week. I guarantee this will be my best performance yet!

I will try and post another video blog tomorrow or so on the YouTube page. I know its been a while, I have just been so busy.

After the fight we will be posting a lot of stuff up on here and the YouTube page. I plan to leave for Thailand in late December and will be posting daily from Phuket with pictures and video updates from the trip. I am excited to get back there!