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Monday, December 29, 2008

Long Day Today!

Today was a very long but incredible day in Phuket. We started the day off at a Monkey Farm where I got attacked by a crazy monkey and my friend David got peed on! Well kind of. More on that later... We then went and visited some elephants at the Elephant Farm. After that we went to Kata beach and did a long swim in the ocean. Once we swam ridiculously too far out, we had a diving competition to see who could reach the bottom of the ocean first and bring up sand as proof. David won, to my amazement, and so I had to go back down super charged to seek my revenge. Forgetting how bad my sinuses are, I really jacked up my ears from the pressure. I think we free dove 30-40 feet. So for the next hour after, salt water periodically poured out of my nose every time I leaned forward. 

After that we headed to a spa and did a cardio workout as well as strength training. I worked my legs, which needed it! Then as if this wasn't enough, I went to Tiger Muay Thai in the evening and sparred top ranked pro boxer and former WBO lightweight titleholder Michael Katsidis. We boxed a few rounds and I thought it went really good. I will post pictures and videos of all of the days activities as soon as I can, we're taking the boat out tomorrow so I gotta get up in 6 hours!