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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Off To Thailand!

I leave tonight for Thailand and I am excited! It will be a nice change of scenery and I am looking forward to the tropical climate!

I always say, while in Thailand, that the next trip I am packing nothing but a backpack! I always over pack and you can buy most everything there. Well, I just finished packing my 2nd bag so, again, I am bringing 100lbs of luggage! I will say that this time a majority of it is food which will be consumed on the trip. I have a case of Muscle Milk RTDs, a case of Muscle Milk Oatmeals, A tub of Muscle Milk "Cake Batter" powder, and a case of Morph Bars. I also packed all my supplements and vitamins. Hopefully customs won't confiscate it all! Its hard to find good supplements in Thailand.

During my last fight camp, I must have swam 100 miles inside the 24 hour fitness pool. Since my fight didn't require me to swim any, I am hoping all that hard work will pay off and I will swim dolphin-like in the beautifly clear Andaman ocean!

One cool thing about going to Southeast Asia is that I always manage to get into something thats so crazy, I have to ask myself if I am really doing it... On the last trip it was a toss-up between shooting machine guns next to a mine field in Cambodia and going into the snake pit in Thailand. I think being in that snake pit and having 3 poisonous snakes strike at my hand was the loudest I have ever physically heard my heart beat.

I will be posting blogs, pictures, and videos as often as I can so check back!