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Monday, June 8, 2009

Germany Photos - Day #1 - City Touring & Fight Training

We arrived in Germany today. After checking into our hotel we had a chance to walk around the neighborhood. 

This bridge was covered with pad locks. Cool idea to leave your mark. The locks were all signed by random people who happen to be walking this bridge with an extra lock in their pocket and a marker. Oddly, I forgot to bring my extra pad lock and therefore couldn't leave my mark...

It seems that pork is the main item on the menu here. After spotting a pink, smiling pig, I jumped at the chance to ride this oddly happy swine. 

We finished the short neighborhood walk with a visit to a local pub. 

Later on, I met up with Cain, Dave and Javier for a night workout session. Cain and I ran first and then did some rolling....

After rolling with Cain, I did some pad work with Javier. Felt really good. Can't wait till Saturday!