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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pictures!

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(Mary Went As A UFC Fighter And I Went As A Hardcore Soldier In Support Of The Troops For My December Fight At Fort Bragg...)

(Mary Thought I Looked More Like A Duck Hunter!)

(As So Bailey Went As My Duck Hunting Dog...)

(Cosmo Went As A Bumblebee Colored Batman... I Guess He Went Old School...)

(Erin Went As A Baseball Player On The "Naughty Curves" League...)

(David Went Out On A limb And Tried To Pull Off A Cowboy. Stayed In Character All Night!)

(Christian Was Mr. Clean!)

(Craig Was The Basketball Player Inspired By "Semi-Pro" As Kara Was A Ref, Or A Zebra... After Spotting A Giant Penis Costume In The Crowd, She Admitted That She Was Going To Go As That But Didn't Have The Balls... Quote Of The Night IMO.)

(Joe And Heather Looking Scooby-Dooish...)

(We Forgot To Include Christian In This One. You Can See Him In The Back Right Flirting With The Ladies...)

(David And I Try To Stop Craig From Leaving The Party Early!)

(The Ladies...)

(Mary Posing With Christian As David And I Are Outside Painting Obscenities On His Car With Silly String. Unfortunately, We Can't Show The Finished Product Here...)

(Cleaning Mr. Cleans Surprisingly Clean Head...)