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Monday, April 27, 2009

Greetings From Germany!

Germany is beautiful! We arrived yesterday but had a jam packed day so this is the first time I have had a chance to update the blog. We landed yesterday at 8am and drove straight to Spangdahlem Air Base. After arriving we checked in then Fitch and I toured a couple surrounding cities. We made it to Luxembourg to see Pattons grave and got there just at closing time. We also toured some ancient Roman ruins. We got back to the base at about 8pm and I crashed out.

I woke up at 4am this morning and took a long run. We all met up at 7am for breakfast and then visited the ALS/FTAC to give a lecture on diet and nutrition to the Airmen class. We talked and answered questions for about an hour or so and then headed over to the Base Martial Arts Club and gave a 2 hour MMA seminar.

At 11am we held an autograph signing which lasted about 2 hours. Then we enjoyed a much needed lunch!

By 3pm, we were on our way to Landstuhl Medical Center to visit with wounded troops. We visited 3 wards and talked with several patients. It was great seeing how much they appreciated us coming. I gave them all T-Shirts and caps from my new clothing line and they were very gracious. I met some real heroes today.

It always blows me away to hear these guys say how we are their inspiration and that they look up to us, when I feel the same about them. I mean as far as civilian life goes, we are pretty extreme.... but these guys are the real heroes. They go out to Iraq and Afghanistan and get into firefights that they sometimes don't come home from. Then, even when they make it out alive, it could be at a great cost. I have all the respect in the world for our military and always will. It was great seeing the character of people who represent our country today. I was so humbled.

After visiting with patients for several hours and having dinner with them, we drove to Ramstein Air Base, I checked into the hotel and am now writing this blog. Long day for sure but worth every second.

Tomorrow we have another packed day starting at 7am again. We plan to go to the Armed Forces Network studio and record some commercials. We are also going to the flight line to witness the uploading of patients onto C-17 Military Aircraft. After that, we will do an autograph signing here at Ramstein and then head to Wiesbaden Army Airfield, which will be the last base we are visiting.

I tried to upload photos from the day but I am having technical problems with linking the camera to my Mac so it might be a day or so before I get the photos uploaded, but I will soon!

Stay tuned for more!